Electroneum’s Revolutionary Payment Method


Renowned scientist and cryptographer Scott Stornetta was instrumental in inventing blockchain technology back in 1991. He was quoted in Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper for Bitcoin — and indeed, there has even been some speculation that the Japanese-speaking visionary may himself be the anonymous crypto inventor. Upon reviewing Electroneum, which aims to deliver a new era of digital payments by allowing funds to be sent and received via smartphones without a bank account, Stornetta was impressed by the company vision towards delivering value to end-users. The founding father of blockchain has been all praise for mobile based Cryptocurrency business house focusing on long term goals by creating an approach that goes beyond the traditional profit maximization strategy and creates a better world. The famous blockchain developer said better government regulation and early adoption from the regulators will only help bring this mobile based Cryptocurrency to the masses and understand the benefits it will have on the future course of time. The mobile based Cryptocurrency platform solution is complaint with Know your customer and anti-money laundering regulations as stated by the banks.

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Digital currency is a mobile currency that is an intangible asset and can be received and send from one user to another instantaneously and can be used for everyday purpose like mobile recharge, shopping to buying groceries. According to sources, this platform will enable the businessman to reach new people who are still left unbanked and will open new horizons for more revenues and income. For the founding father of blockchain Electroneum’s advantage lies in the fact is the unique blend of payment system and the economy. The payment platform has become more popular than the social media giant Facebook and Twitter and has gathered more than 2 million users in the last year alone.

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Source: Coin Telegraph

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