LimeRoad: Online Marketplace’s User Data Leaked, Firm Repudiates Allegations


LimeRoad User Data Leaked: Based on a report by the U.S. cybersecurity firm Cyble, online fashion marketplace, namely LimeRoad’s user data has been posted on the dark web. The customer records that were put up for sale figured around 1.29 million. The leaked databases included various details of the users like names, email addresses and contact numbers.

The report states that as a part of U.S. cybersecurity firm Cyble’s regular deep web and dark web monitoring, they had come across a threat actor who has claimed to have around 1.29 million of the customer data of the renowned fashion shopping website, LimeRoad. It also mentions that the data that has been leaked from the databases are authentic.

As the background of the website under discussion goes, the online fashion platform was co-founded in the year 2012 by Suchi Mukherjee, Ankush Mehra and Manish Saksena. Initially, it was started as an online fashion store for the women, but later on, added the kids and the men’s segments as well. It is said and believed that LimeRoad is the first-ever women shopping social website that deals in the clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Till date, the Tiger Global-backed startup has raised $50 million as funding, as Crunchbase has shown the data compilation.

Image: Cyble

The Ecommerce websites have been experiencing an increase in the rate of attacks over the past couple of months. In May, a hacker had leaked the details of 15 million users who have been registered on Tokopedia, the largest online store of Indonesia.

Suchi Mukherjee, the CEO and as well as the founder of LimeRoad, has said that LimeRoad is firmly against these baseless allegations and denies everything that has been brought into the news. As of the current scenario, just 44 numbers have been available for the sample of which only a few might match with their users’ numbers. She further mentions that they have no reason to believe anything apart from that this is a random selection. They have even asked the poster of the darknet as well as the officer from the cybersecurity front to provide them with the data for validation. They have not received any further data. Provided the current data points, they have no reason to believe that these numbers on the dark web directories belong to any of their customers.

In the financial year 2017, the Gurugram-based online shopping portal LimeRoad has reported a 78.5 per cent hike in the revenue which is Rs 89.73 crores as compared to the revenue obtained in the financial year 2018 which is Rs 160.2 crore. The report also mentions that approximately 98.5 per cent of this had been contributed by the basic operations of the company that is Sale of Services.

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The report has been received days after Cyble reported the ransomware attack on the Indiabulls Group where the hackers or the threat actors had threatened to leak the crucial data that has been owned by its group companies, viz., account transaction details, letters sent to the bank managers and vouchers.

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