Amongst all the secure email providers on darknet, Lelantos stands at the top of list offering a bunch of luring features that is enough to attract a wide range of customers from all over the world. Also, the features offered by the darknet secure email provider is a perfect choice for those who are aiming to do business on the darknet. The most interesting feature provided by this secure email provider are the various payment plans which are offered to the users based on the tenure of the subscription they choose for themselves. But all of the payment plans offer same features. The plans that any user will be offered are:

  • 6 month plan / subscription costing $10
  • 12 month plan / subscription costing $ 18
  • Lifetime Subscription costing $32

In all of the plans, the users will be benefitted with a 1GB of storage space, 5 different sub-accounts for email and 100 email aliases.

The darknet email provider, Lelantos provides its users with the liberty to choose whether they want to opt for JavaScript based login or non-JavaScript based login. Lelantos offers premium services and exceptional security to their users. Despite these, a lot of complaints have been lodged and discussed on various forums regarding the third party websites on their support system. As per the reviewers and the users facing issues the support system take too long to resolve the users’ issues and many-a-times fail to resolve the issues.


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