Cases of Identity Theft Expanded in This Holiday Season


Since the holiday season has begun, people all over the world have geared up for celebration. The hackers on the other hand are sneaking in the dark web waiting to take advantage from the identity theft that is made easier on the dark web. It is a fact that the cases of the identity theft and selling of the information are not at all a new incident. The holiday season though makes new ways for the hackers all over the dark web. During this festive season, the people will be engrossed in shopping online or book hotels for the vacations letting all their personal and financial details all at one place which made way for the curious hackers to engage themselves in the identity theft.

The Ecommerce stores paves way for the hackers to get their hands on the package of the personal data dumped by the users on the websites. According to The Identity Theft Resource Center, the 2017 Data Breach report revealed that there were 1579 data breaches in due course of the year. As Experian suggested, the most common type of identification theft last year was the fraud related to credit card that has reports over 133,000.

The flight bookings and hotel bookings are the most common bookings during the vacation. During these processes, a lot of the personal and financial information gets disclosed online as the users require providing certain details on the websites. The dark web hackers are always in search for such websites as these websites serve easy means of identity theft. Moreover, for flight bookings and hotel bookings, the information provided on your travel location or your stay are all grabbed by these dark web hackers all over the world and they perform identity theft and sale your information to gain profit on the dark web.


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