Dark Web Offers Government Login Credentials for Sale


The popular cybersecurity firm named McAfee has published a report that states that now the hackers can purchase the login credentials of the government institutions’ systems at relatively cheap price on the dark web. The government owned Windows OS based systems that make use of the remote desktop feature of Microsoft are now prone to the infiltration. The login credentials for the government institutions and the other crucial entities such as the airports and the hospitals are now made available for sale on the dark web.

The Remote Desktop feature made available for the Windows users by Microsoft enables one to connect and operate a Windows PC from any remote location. Hackers on the other hand have been able to gain the login credentials of such connections in the systems that are operating with the government institutions. The login credentials are now listed for sale on the dark web against a petty amount of $3. As per McAfee, the RDP (Remote Desktop Program) connections up for sale on the dark web can connect the buyers between 15 and 4,000 systems. In order to keep up with the demand, the hackers continue to scan the internet for the systems having RDP connections. The hackers attack the systems using tools like NLBrute, Hydra and RDP forcer to login to a remote PC. As soon as they have gained the access, they post the login credentials for sale on the dark web through various darknet markets.

The entire Windows platform starting from Windows XP to Windows 10 has been affected. According to John Fokker who is the head of cyber investigations at McAfee revealed that a connection with the administrator rights was sold for $19. All types of the devices from mobiles to desktops Internet of Things Tools have been affected by the practice.


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