Astaroth Malware Targets European & Brazilian Organizations


The year has been the year of malware hits attacks. The attacks were in the form of hold-ups, attacks on supply chains and fileless attacks on the individuals, business houses and government agencies. All these attacks happening as the technology is not up to date to tackle the new malware hits that taking security system in place. With malware hits been so prevalent and widespread here is a look back of the most popular malware hits from the months of July and August 2019.

Malware hits saw a dramatic rise in the last of couple of months of July and August which is basically made to bypass security controls using strategies and steps like changing hashes which can be done by file obfuscation done to bypass AVs or using C2 servers which helps to encrypt communication to foil ERDs or Using manipulation and tampering to tackle AI, machine-learning engines, sandboxes through the detection of such environments and the deliberate delay in execution.

Cymulate Reserarch Lab

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The other technique of malware hit evolution is fileless attacks and living off the land process. The process is a step one step ahead by using Power Shell commands and other using system tools, all while running completely from memory (RAM). These attacks are escaping the traditional IOC based solutions and to detect it requires behaviour analyst. Some of the graver and more sinister malware hits this summer are Astaroth Malware which according to Cymulate Research Lab who have tested the potency of the malware has targeted European and Brazilian organization. Astaroth Malware is so deceptive that they evade traditional IOC based security controls by stealing PII, financial data and user credentials.

CVE-2018-8453 also known as the Sodinokibi malware hit is rare in its usage

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CVE-2018-8453 also known as the Sodinokibi malware hit is rare in its usage and has been patched by Microsoft last year has the potential to gain admin-level access.

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