Seven Deep Web Marketplaces in The Tor Network


Dark Web has always been from the very inception been an enigma for the law enforcement agencies. Darknet as the name clearly spells out is a place where all kind of illegal and criminal activity is planned and carried out. You name it from drug trafficking to hiring hitman for murder to buying of a chemical weapon or raising funds all happens on the dark web. Last year as well this year has been a year for law enforcement agencies as they nabbed caught and busted criminal network operating with impunity on the dark web. The specific reason for this is the dark web is not regulated as the surface web is. The entire web is concealed in mystery and is in the shadows. Neither one tracks the authenticity of the website and to who it belongs nor one track down its location. Before we round up the current crop of the deep web market and examine the sort of goods they’re shipping, let’s take a moment to consider the intersection of Cryptocurrency and crime. To date, there have been some incongruous attempts at deploying cryptographic technology for the purposes of crime prevention.

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There have been projects like the Intelli Network, a P2P application for sharing crime tips and we also have the Northern California Illicit Digital Economy (NCIDE) Task Force. The NCIDE task force contains a list of arrest deep web market vendors and dealers located in northern California. In centuries past, executed criminals would have their remains hung from the city gates as a warning to other miscreants. NCIDE’s onion site the modern-day counterpart; a digital warning to be safe when using the darknet, and avoid getting rest like these unfortunate souls.

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There are a total of seven deep web market that has been in news or at least are known are as follows:

  1. Empire Market
  2. Bitbazaar Market 
  3. Berlusconi Market
  4. Cryptonia
  5. Dream Alt
  6. Tochka
  7. Genesis

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