Investigation: 21 Irish Tech Firms over Customer’s Data Commences


Upon many cases concerning the mismanagement of customers’ data by big tech firms, the office of Irish Data Protection Commissioner is at present, going after 21 tech companies and platforms in an attempt to investigate issues in handling customers’ data.

According to the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon, who was giving a speech at the Secure Computing Forum, there are twenty-one companies such as Apple, Twitter, and Facebook who are currently under investigation. The event was organized by a section of the Independent News & Media (INM) called the INM Event in the RDS in Dublin on Thursday, September 12th.

Ireland is not the only country taking actions by conducting an anti-trust investigation. In fact, authorities in countries such as the United State and Germany have been looking into anti-trust and other legal matters from some top social media platforms. For instance, on Friday, September 6th, the Attorney Generals of some of the states in the US unwrapped an anti-trust investigation about Facebook and also in the US a fine of $5bn was levied of Facebook for violating the right to data privacy.

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Dixon in a statement said there had been many regulators revolving around the operations of big tech, and due to the increasing number of regulators, there was different results and repercussions.

The INM Event organized conference was hosted by specialist IT distributor Data Solutions and was proudly sponsored by Check Point and OneTrust. The meeting was attended by people from many parts of the world to hear topics on data privacy to cyber-attacks and discuss in the long term the general strategies to keep personal data safe from cyber-attacks. The MC for the conference was Adrian Weckler who is INM’s technology editor. The meeting also began with a speech from Charlie Flanagan, the Minister for Justice & Equality.

The conference also had two other main speakers as ideIrish Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon. The first main speaker was a former Assistant Attorney General for the US Department of Justice’s National Security Division called John P Carlin. Carlin facilitated the morning discussion about the upcoming fight against cyber-attacks and other digital forms of crimes such as hacking and the act of recruiting online terrorists. Carlin is also Chief of Staff and Senior Counsel to FBI Director Robert S MuelleIII.

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The second key speaker at the conference was Mustafa Al-Bassam who is an ex-hacker. Mustafa Al-Bassam shared his experiences as a top hacker with the Lulz Sec hacking group that made him a global sensation popularly known for a series of eminent hacks. The ex-hacker also talked about “hacktivism” the use of sophisticated technologies to promote a political agenda or a social change which climax with issues relating to human rights and the free spread of information.

Furthermore, other speakers at the conference included technology journalist Jamie Bartlett who is the author of The Dark Net, the executive vice president and chief product officer for Citrix PJ Hough and the current Deputy National Security Adviser in the UK’s Cabinet Office Paddy McGuinness. Also speaking was Eddie Doyle, who is a global security strategist at Check Point Research and Conor McCaffrey, who is a Certified Information Privacy Professional and Privacy Consultant for OneTrust.

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