Darknet Users Are Now Moving To Bitbazaar


Last days unfortunately most darknet users (buyers and vendors) were victims of an exit scam from Apollon, a former growing market. Now, we analyzed BitBazaar new dark web market, DarkMarket, Big Blue, WHM, Versus and Grey Market, and here is the result: BitBazaar Market is the only market that received a larger number of new listings and orders, while other markets still with the same numbers and didn’t changed too much, and BitBazaar Market double the stats (of all public data, probably number of new users doubled or 3x).


It seems that now BitBazaar Market is being the new one growing market, like Apollon was before, but BitBazaar team looks more professional, major and more dedicated to make BitBazaar a big company, not only one more darknet project or joy. When we finished our analysis, we started to look inside BitBazaar deep web to understand why now they are turning into the new big one, and we found a lot of answers.


BitBazaar Market have a feature where users can order without creating an account; buyers can browse into the products, click in buy and each order will generate an unique password and invoice ID. So in their homepage you can go to “Check Order” and put the order password and ID to track the order or contact the vendor, without needing an account to link the buyer’s orders to an account.

1% Commission To Vendors:

Yes! You didn’t read it wrong, BitBazaar new dark web market charge only 1% to vendors, the lowest darknet fee between the marketplaces.

Free Vendor Bond Until Mid February:

When Apollon started exit scamming, BitBazaar started offering free vendor bonds to all new vendors. It’s because most vendors lost a lot of money in exit scam and they know how hard it is to lose tons of money and need to pay back for selling.


EBay? No, it’s BitBazaar Market ! They have an auction platform into the same website and you can auction everything if you don’t want to sell it as a normal listing. One of the greatest features!


Integrated Forum:

Different of most marketplaces, BitBazaar Market have an integrated forum and you don’t need to be logged in two platforms to engage with the community and browse into the listings, you can do all this in the same website.



Bitcoin, Monero, DASH, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin – BitBazaar accepts all them.

And More…

As you can see, BitBazaar has a lot of great features, a safest platform and a great support; it’s why most of the darknet users are moving into it! If you want to check BitBazaar darkweb link, visit our listing post: https://darkweblink.com/directory/listing/bitbazaar



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