Darknet Markets Are Within the Reach of the Law


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has closed down the Silk Road, which is one of the first among the darknet markets in 2013 and people thought that it marked the end of sale of the illicit products via the Internet. On the contrary to this expectation, the vacuum that has been created by the closure of the Silk Road has been filled up over 50 darknet markets over the last few years. Silk Road resurfaced as Silk Road 2.0 since its closure in the year 2014 and now it has again resurfaced as Silk Road 3.0. The founder of the original Silk Road named Ross Ulbricht is serving his imprisonment sentence but the Silk Road 3.0 is the most resilient darknet markets and has been operational since May 2016. All of these darknet markets sell a range of the illicit products like weapons, drugs, passwords, identities, credit card data and fake currency. Nevertheless, whatever has happened to the Silk Road darknet marketplace might happen to the other darknet marketplaces as well.

The cyber criminals may just think whatever they do to protect themselves from the grip of the law enforcement will be effective enough to protect them. But the truth is that whatever they so to protect themselves, the law enforcement grab them and if they run a darknet market by any chance, will be shut down as soon as possible. The darknet markets that are under operation claims to have more active users and the bigger listings unlike the Silk Road which have gross revenues of $1.2 billion during the period of 2011 to 2013 via the sale of the drugs to almost 1 million customers. Additionally along with the selling of the contrabands, these darknet sites do not charge registration fee but at the same time take cut on each sale that has been executed by the vendors.


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