3 Suspects of Darknet Drug Trafficking Arrested in Toronto


Recently, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Serious and Organized Crime (SOC) unit based in Toronto has arrested three accused for allegedly trafficking the drugs via the dark web (darknet drug trafficking). The other persons who were also arrested in the sting operation were couriers and vendors who used to allegedly run their business. During investigation, two search warrants were issued and the RCMP was able to seize a variety of the drugs like MDMA, heroin and cocaine. The authorities additionally have seized computers and materials that were required to run the operation, two assault rifles, and a pill pressing machine, 10 handguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Two of the three persons who were arrested charged and are to remain in custody awaiting the arraignment in the court. The first accused is a 23 year old resident of Mississauga named Marko Shkinly who is being charged with the possession to traffic a controlled drug contrary to the Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act along with operating a vehicle without the required papers.

The second accused is a 23 year old resident from Toronto who has been charged with the trafficking of the controlled substance, possession of a prohibited and restricted weapon and abuse of firearm and ammunition. The third accused is a 22 year old female who was released after she agreed to make her court appearance on 9th of January. Her exact identity or the role she played in the darknet drug trafficking operations carried out through the dark web has not yet been revealed. It has been alleged that the vendor has sold several drugs that included fentanyl, ketamine, MDMA, cocaine and methamphetamine. It is believed that the vendor did sell these drugs to both the Canadians and the international customers and is responsible for the hundreds of the illicit drug transactions.


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