Dark Web Credit Card Fraud-Ring: Man Got Five Years Prison


A 25-year-old man has been sentenced to five years in prison for his role in a dark web dark web credit card fraud. Derek Knight was the alleged mastermind behind a dark web dark web credit card fraud ring, which bought dark web credit card and debit cards from numerous dark web marketplaces, for their fraudulent activities. Knight and his gang reportedly used stolen cards acquired from the dark web, to shop over 100 times in 13 different states and spent over a $100,000 in the process.

The Michigan native, admitted to all charges against him, before been handed the 5-year prison sentence by a federal judge. Knight’s arrest came back in 2017 after a traffic stops around 1 am in Evansville. According to court documents, Derek was intoxicated whiles driving a pickup truck and had one of his accomplices, 26-year-old Dylan Garrett with him.

Knight and Garrett reportedly refused to answer any questions asked by the police on the scene and even demanded legal counsel present. The police then proceeded to search the vehicle and uncovered 83 dark web credit cards registered under six different people. The police also discovered a dark web credit card printing machine and numerous forged dark web credit cards, two laptops, a tablet, and two iPhones. After further investigation by an FBI task force, it was revealed that many of the cards found were used in a shopping spree at local stores nearby. The gang also used one of the stolen dark web credit cards at a store on Red Bank Road in Vanderburgh County and even had accompanied receipts with them, including one showing a $260 purchase.

Reports state that Knight had a fake ID with an alias, “Adam Moss” on it together with Knight’s picture. The police later said that 46 cards out of the 83, were registered to that alias, whiles eight other cards were also registered to different names. One card was even without any name nor photo. However, five of the stolen dark web credit cards had Knights name on them, whiles 13 cards also had Garrett’s name on them.

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Police reports showed that Knight used his alias and one of the fake dark web credit card to book two rooms for him and Garrett at a local hotel, a day after their traffic stop arrest. The police also uncovered 16 gift cards which they stated might be part of a money-laundering operation.

During questioning, neither one of the duos claimed ownership on any of the cards. A court affidavit showed that most of their dark web credit card information was coming from China or Russia. Knight and his gang would then transfer the credentials of the stolen card, onto a new card with the help of their card printer.

The duo was each charged with three counts of fraud as level 6 felonies, three counts of forgery as level 6 felonies, and possession of marijuana as a class B misdemeanor and two counts of fraud on a financial institution as level 5 felonies. Knight was again charged with a Class C misdemeanor, for driving whiles intoxicated. A $50,000 cash bond was set for each of them

The office of The Vanderburgh County Prosecutor at that time also planned to file criminal charges against the gang, for their fraudulent activities in their county. Knight’s accomplice, Garrett has already pleaded guilty and was also handed a 4-year-prison sentence in a separate trial.

Source: Courier Press

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