Improvement Spotted with the Crypto Prices and the BCH Rallies


In the middle of the March 2019, the Cryptocurrency markets have seen fresh profit and there has been spontaneous increase in the digital asset trade volume. As of March 16th 2019, the entire crypto economy has a valuation of roughly $139 billion and the global trade volumes are quite close to $33.7 billion. During this time the only question that has been in the head of the people was that if the crypto spring or the altcoin season is starting to bloom. Prior to this a few months back the crypto economy’s global trade volumes fell to a great extent showing that there is a lack of market interest. Although, over the last few weeks, the crypto trade volumes have been taking a steep where the digital market currency markets have captured $33.7 billion. At this time, the largest market capitalization held by the Bitcoin Cote (BTC) is up 2.3%. BTC is floating just above the $4K region at $4,045 per coin and is also up 2.2%. At present the BTC has a market valuation of around $71 billion and the highest daily trade volume (BCH rallies) capturing $10.1 billion.

So far, BCH prices have been leading the group till the top 10 coins are concerned. BCH is up to 15.2% over few days and 10.4% after that as BCH currently trades for $155 per coin. At this moment, the BCH holds the seventh highest global trade volume below XRP and above Dash. BCH is the sixth largest market cap and the trade volumes have touched $667 million. The top 5 exchanges swapping most of the BCH are Bitmart, Lbank, Binance, Idax and Bitz. ETH was a dominating pair against BCH earlier. But as of now, BTC has taken over the position. BCH rallies have pulled up the crypto industry in total and have contributed significantly to the digital assets rise.


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