Dark Web Videos: Man Jailed On Uploading Teen Washroom Scenes


A shocking incident has massively affected people. The young teenagers who had visited Cork from Europe were filmed in the shower and the washroom of a guesthouse in Cork secretly. Some of the dark web videos on the same situation had been spotted on the darknet that was uploaded on various paedophile sites.

The accused had been identified as a Corkman aged 30 years who confessed that he had produced and distributed child pornography of 13 victims in the form of dark web videos. The accused had been sentenced to jail for three years at the Cork Circuit Criminal Court.

As a specific concern was related to some victims’ identification probability, Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin had agreed to make an order that the accused Corkman could not be identified while covering the case.

The accused had implemented various covert techniques in the public places to make the dark web videos such as fixing secret cameras into a can of Lynx deodorant spray and other hidden cameras in the washroom of his residence. The detective sergeant in the area of the accused investigating the case said that the dark web videos of children using the toilets were generated at two shopping centers in Cork and one at the swimming pool.

The accused had never been identified publicly. He had lost his job owing to an anonymous call to his employer in correlation to these matters.


Judge Ó Donnabháin referred to other child pornography possession cases he had dealt with over the years saying he had encountered none that were, “as involved as this – he is going through full production, distribution on the dark web over a prolonged period.” 


Elizabeth O’Connell, the senior defence counsel, had regarded the invasive images of not relating to the sexual acts but were very much voyeuristic. The investigating detective had agreed. The investigative detective had added to the existing that along with the 13 production and distribution charges of dark web videos, a 14th count of possessing child pornography was also present. These media had included sexual acts, but not a single one had been generated by the accused. His activities continued from 2011 to 2016. He came in the eyes of the cops when he had accessed a dark web website that the FBI was monitoring. He became known to the gardaí.

The children in the dark web videos from the Cork’s residence were all in their early teens while the children at the pool and the shopping centers were younger aged around ten years. These children were mostly girls.

Ms O’Connell SC stated that it was understood that the evidence was pretty complicated. However, the investigation went on for the last five years. During this period, the investigation weighed heavily on the Corkman which she believes is a kind of sentence in itself.

The judge had read the victim impact statements. One of the French victims had provided evidence via video link to her home through an interpreter.


“It was a very bad shock. I was not aware what was going on until French police called me. I was shocked because I was not aware who saw it. Thinking that people could see me nude was not good for me. I felt I had to protect my life,” she said.


Judge Ó Donnabháin had mentioned from reading the victim’s statements that it struck him as the non-nationals were not as prone to being anxious as the Irish people. He had also stated that the injured parties were in the unusual position and unaware of the incidence occurring till it was cleared years later. He said that the victims were shocked to learn of it afterwards.

Judge Ó Donnabháin stated:


“This is an upsetting case.”

“People possessing child pornography have almost been a type – an isolated, lonely individual who does not associate well, possibly out of work. This defendant does not fit that category, if it be a category. They (videos) are on the voyeuristic side rather than the completely pornographic side but it was very determined – joining the dark web, there is uploading to others involved in this type of behavior. All of this is seriously aggravating,” the judge said.


A six years sentence had been imposed along with the last three years of the suspended sentence.

Source: Irish Examiner

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