Dark Web Drug Resale: Italian Man Arrested


An Italian man had been finally arrested by the Italian authorities who had been suspected that he had imported and resold a variety of drugs he had acquired through the dark web under the dark web drug resale case.

The accused had been identified as Alberto Tandoi aged 34 years. The Carabinieri of Vigodarzere had begun its investigation against the accused after they came to know about the potential dark web drug resale or drugs trafficking activities. The investigation that had led to the unearthing of the suspected drug dealer can be termed as “careful and detailed”. The accused drug dealer had an international supplier of diverse illicit substances that consisted of methamphetamine and MDMA as well. 

The media reports from the Italian news outlets stated that the investigators had determined the defendant received packages of drugs from a drug supplier who is based in the Netherlands. All of the media reports have identified the blotter spotted in one of the post-arrest pictures as MDMA, and it more closely resembles the LSD tablets. 

When a search had been conducted in the residence of the accused under the dark web drug resale case, the law enforcement authorities had been successful in discovering cocaine, 200 MDMA tablets, nine grams of methamphetamine and 95 benzodiazepine pills whose variety had not been disclosed. Along with all of these, the authorities had also discovered packing materials and other evidence that pointed to the fact that the Italian defendant had purchased drugs from different vendors on the various dark web marketplaces

An investigation into the suppliers of the accused drug dealers in the Netherlands is still ongoing. The analyses also included the accused’s local and foreign customers. Alberto Tandoi had been taken into police custody a few days back on the 8th of January, 2021.

Source: DarknetLive

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