Man Buys Gun from The Dark Web, Got Arrested


Ammunitions: A Waikato man had taken deceitful means to get himself a popular firearm from the darknet market. However, the judge has a different version of the story. He thinks that there is nothing sinister about his actions to wanting to buy a firearm. Edward William John Anderton, 21, who stays at Piarere, had been granted a discharge without any proper judgment when he was produced in front of the jury in the Hamilton court district in this week. Previously he had been held guilty in a single charge of trying to acquire a handgun from the dark web.

It was in August when Anderton began to communicate with a person whom he thought, can help him to fetch the firearm. He used to communicate with him via a messaging app with end-to-end encryption so that the conversations can be protected with complete anonymity. Without the full knowledge of the person, Anderson went ahead and started the communication with the person who was undercover police personnel.

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Anderson asked him to buy the Glock 17 pistol at what the police summary describes as “a grossly inflated price of $2620”. He had also demanded 500 rounds of hollow point 9mm ammunitions, a holster, and an additional magazine. Hollow point ammunitions is designed to penetrate the target, but they also expand when entering the target, causing more damage and are therefore more deadly. Anderson was given the chance to meet the person face-to-face to complete the deal but he specifically requested a “dead drop” which means he wanted to leave the cash at a pre-arranged location and pick the pistol anonymously.

On a Friday in august Anderson went ahead and delivered the cash to the dead drop location as determined. Although, the report completely ignores the part about where the location was and it was also not mentioned in the court report, the location is assembly in Hamilton. He was then directed to follow a location where the firearm would be kept. But there was no gun, the police force was waiting for him and arrested him instantly. The excuse he gave to the police for buying the firearm was that he wanted it for recreational purposes.

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As per the court report summary, He believed that a certain amount of trust had been breached due to the recent ammunitions license reformation laws and purchasing the pistol illegally, from the dark web was the easiest option for him. The court, his lawyer James Gurnick wanted to prove it as a mere curiosity of Anderton that crossed the limits. He does not suggest that there can be an unlawful or illegal purpose other than shooting turkeys at his farm with the aim of pest control. Gurnick stated to the media that is was suggested by the police that the client might be involved in some sorts of religious extremism, and is a clear example that occurrences are taken wholly out of context and described completely the opposite way, even the court documents suggest the same.

Anderton who had already spent 12 days in prison after his arrest, and is a person with a strong moral compass and he has also taken missionary work in overseas locations. He also noted it down that He noted that Anderton was not a member of a firearm shooting club and there was a degree of deceit inherent in his dealings over the dark web about ammunitions. Notably, Glock firearms have been used in numerous mass shootings, including the 2011 Norway attacks, the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, and the 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. The last point of the conversation can be to handle such cases with utter sincerity.

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