Dark Web Banned Substances Sale: Wisconsin Man Prisoned


Christopher D. Bania aged 26 years of Hobart, Wisconsin, pleaded guilty in Federal court to possession of a variety of drugs. As the court documents read the Wisconsin man Christopher D. Bania was keeping the drugs so that he could later distribute these various drugs to his middlemen. He also confessed of advertising these drugs for sale on various dark web portals. Christopher D. Bania pleaded guilty of charges levelled against him which read of intent to the distribution of controlled substances. The charges were confirmed to the press by the United States Attorney Mathew D. Krueger for the Eastern District of Wisconsin three days after Christopher D. Bania confessed of distribution of controlled substances.

Christopher D. Bania sought help from Dark web market places like Alphabay, Hansa, Dream Market and other similar types of portals so that consumer can place their orders and he would deliver it to their emailed addresses. In the court transcripts, he confessed his crime in intent to distribute controlled substances of Schedule I, II, and III. The list of scheduled items includes MDMA, Cocaine, DMT, Ketamine, LSD, Methamphetamine, Heroin, MDA, Cocaine base, Methaqualone and Marijuana. He did confess his intent to distribute controlled substance but firmly denied using the dark web as the platform sell the various drugs he had in possession.

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Special agent Paul E. Maxwell a special agent with Drug Enforcement Administration said that the conviction is a good example of a case where all the authorities have come together and collaborated. When he said there were different players in the system which made the operation a success, what he meant was the local, state and the central law authorities combining and nailing the offender who preyed on the vulnerable by sitting behind the computer. The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents intercepted two packages that were addressed to Christopher D. Bania was coming from Belgium and had in the two packets of MDMA.

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