Government Authorities Exploit Christchurch Mass Shooting to Enforce Censorship and Thought Policing


As soon as the victims of the Christchurch attack has fallen, the Government officials were all set to mine the tragedy for the political capital. In spite of the shooting went live streamed on Facebook, the antipodean officials have directed their rage against the fringe websites desperately in order to control the narrative and criminalize curious civilians. The Christchurch mass shooting incident had resulted in the death of 50 people in New Zealand.

The reason for the incident turned out to be settling the claims of the usual activists of which some demanded greater gun controls, some other demanded of a crackdown on the online extremism while few others demanded a few object to violent video games, greater internet surveillance, increased investigative powers and enhanced police funding. While working with the cahoots along with the ISPs, the government officials have blacklisted many websites of which many have absolutely no connection with the Christchurch mass shooting. Due to this, internet users across Australia and New Zealand have shared stories of being barred from the popular websites that include 8chan, 4chan, Liveleak, Kiwi farms, Zero Hedge, Manifesto and more.

The Censorship resistant services and locating ways to circumvent ISP filtering has intensified as the Censorship led by the government officials has gone viral. The users of the websites that are caught up in the ban orchestrated in New Zealand have been sharing information on the VPN (Virtual Private network) use while adjusting the DNS Settings and tools bypassing the ISP deep packet inspection. The pro-speech and the pro-privacy Cryptocurrency users are aware of the alternatives to centralized platforms that can be blocked easily, censored and shut down. On the contrary, the social media platforms like the Facebook and Twitter hurried to delete the links of the footage that are connected to the shooting.


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