Apollon Market Has Done an Exit Scam Apparently


The Apollon market, which has been one of the most significant demands of the darknet, is most probably pulling off an exit scam as it has been noticed. The darknet scam on its users as it has locked away the money of all the accounts of every vendor on the platform while it still has been allowing the customers and users to order from these markets. The Apollon market was allegedly set up at sometime in the year 2018 and had been running ever since. Still, in the last few days Apollon market has locked up several sellers, and it has revealed that they were locked out of their user bases and they did not have the time to even recover the access with typical phrases or by getting in touch with the market’s admins from the darknet scam.

On Dark.Eye, a sincere web service where users and the account holders can provide other websites detailed ratings and leave comments and reviews for other account holders to see, Apollon’s score and the exit scam is slightly above one star, and we can still know why is it so. Account-holders are warning other people that they’re locked out of their accounts and do not have access to them anymore. One user had written that the mods are stealing from the vendors and the traders’ online on the darknet market; they have even claimed that they have been phished. They have only used the vendor URL and used 2FA, so how is that possible. They had been locked out of our account after calling out for the mods, and it is better to keep away from this market. In this context, we would like to state that these reviews do have the credibility that the market is at stake of the vendors.


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Another seller had stated that they had lost $11,000 worth of Cryptocurrency because of the exit scam this market is doing to the account holders. Users often warn each other about these cases via Dread, a forum on the darknet market pretty much similar to Reddit style. Still, it has been offline for the last few days over a reported Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. A website that is dedicated to find and publish posts related to in-depth web-related news, it has stated that the market was owned by a gang that looks over the several other markets in the play on the darknet scam while executing Dread is offline because the group is actively barring the victims from coordinating. As great news reports have reported, blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis has stated earlier that darknet markets have sold products worth over $790 million worth of Cryptocurrency in the last year solely, which makes it the first year sales that crossed the limit of $600 million. While the trading and deals on this darknet scam, which hold responsibilities for less than 1% of all total Cryptocurrency deals, they have been growing in size.


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Chainalysis’ reports analytics and investigations including the notes show that when law enforcement shuts down one market, another one moves to satisfy customer demand and that these platforms aren’t heavily influenced by Cryptocurrency price movements, as transaction activity to darknet scam markets remained in a relatively narrow range throughout the year. It is to be noted that not every darknet scam is intentional. Some exit scams including the ones which have been repeatedly ongoing for the sake of varying functions and control have the inclusion for the criminal standards all over the world and its execution.

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  1. This is correct, they are deleting bad reviews and never responding to disputes also. They are most likely the ones who are ddosing dread.


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