Dutchmen On Trial For Running An Old NATO Crime Bunker


A group of eight people will be brought to trial in Germany on the 19th of October, 2020. The group contained three Germans, four Dutchmen and a Bulgarian individual. The group had been accused of using an old NATO crime bunker with the help of which they had distributed child pornography, ordered hitman-for-hire and sold weapons as well via a server.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) in Koblenz states that the trial will be complicit having nearly 250,000 criminal offences that had been committed in the tenure between early 2014 and media 2019.

It is believed that the alleged crime bunker group had run the so-called “bulletproof hosting”. Bulletproof hostings are servers that are meant to keep out of the reach of law enforcement agents and administrators of the servers uses them for criminal purposes without being reluctant.

OM has stated that the agents had conducted rigorous research on the seized 400 servers (server computers) that revealed the largest dark web marketplaces throughout the world had been running on these servers. The servers had been used continuously for drug trades, forgery, malware, illegally obtained PayPal accounts, access data to self-service parcel stations and illicitly procured credit cards.

Additionally, the dark web marketplaces were also used for trading counterfeit or fake money, computer fraud, fake identity papers and stolen data. The investigators were also successful in retrieving a link that contained 6581 websites on the darknet bearing evidence of fraudulent Bitcoin (BTC) lotteries, .onion websites for weapons, assassinations or hire-a hitman orders, narcotics and child pornography (CP).

Image: WTWO

The group was led by a Dutchman aged 60 years who bought the crime bunker complex back in 2013 and had started the cyber park in the location. Two other Dutchmen also assisted him who were aged 25 years and 33 years, respectively. Another 50-year-old Dutchman served as an “in-charge” in the server park.

There were three German suspects aged 20, 24 and 50 years. The 50-year-old German was the accountant of the crime bunker, while the other two were associated with the IT and Technology. They had kept a Bulgarian aged 39 years who worked at the park being a caretaker of four guard dogs and handyman there and also served as a security guard.

Source: RTL Nieuws

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