New Tasking Platform Users Offered BCH Rewards


A new tasking platform has been fuelled by Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and is discussed by the people all over the world. The platform is named Lazyfox and is developed by Tobias B who is a Berlin based programmer that gives the users incentives to answer questions, participate in the surveys and obtain BCH on completion of the bounties. will be launched in the beta version has been announced on 13th of March. The platform is Bitcoin Cash powered Question and Answer tasking site that focus on rewarding the users with BCH. The creator has revealed that the platform has been created keeping in mind the similarity with the Stackoverflow and Fiverr. Three main features are provided to the registered users: creating tasks, solving tasks and resolving disputes.

Tobias explained that once a user solves a particular task on and the creator accepts the completed task, the reward will instantly be paid out in the payout address of the users. He further states that Lazyfox does not store any balance payment. Currently, provides a bunch of the various tasks to its users that includes bug report bounties, recommending a tourist guide and describing good streaming movies to the another user. Users are permitted to advertise things and use and specific tags for services like programming, writing, translation, bounties, animation, graphics editing, tourism and web design. For ‘resolve a dispute’ the users can receive a certain percentage of the task’s reward and the platform does charge a fee of 1 percent. The platform also supports Badger wallet as the login or sign up method and Jonathan Silverblood’s Cash ID specifications. It is also believed that follows the recent release of a similar platform called the Taskopus that focuses to be an Amazon Mechanical Turk competitor using the Bitcoin Cash.


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