Federal Agents’ Drug Bust: Two Alleged Accused Arrested


On 11th June 2019, Tuesday, the federal agents have arrested two accused who may face a federal indictment of bringing large amounts of drugs such as cocaine and heroin to the area through the mail from Puerto Rico. The accused have been identified as Amaury Calderon Santiago of 27 years of age Felix Calderon of Santiago, both belonging to Youngstown. After the arrest took place, they were held in the Mahoning County jail without a bond and then released to the federal authorities on the following day, as stated by the jail records.

The entire drug bust started after a complaint was filed on Tuesday in the U.S. Northern District Court and then a tip was received by the federal agents from the Canfield City Police Department. The investigators have used a confidential source in order to make multiple controlled purchases of several ounces of drugs that included cocaine from Amaury Calderon Santiago on 29th of May and 6th of June respectively as the complaint bears. The source also says that he has previously bought multiple ounces of cocaine along with several grams of fentanyl-laced heroin from Amaury Calderon Santiago where the accused has even offered to sell him a half kilo of cocaine or over 17 ounces assumed for resale.

Through the investigation, it has come to light that one of the accused known as Felix Calderon Santiago had maintained four safe houses on the east Side of Youngstown for the purpose of drug transactions, where he had acquired in the 1300 block of Landsowne Boulevard; 1500 block of Victor Avenue; 1500 block of Bennington Avenue; and 1700 block of Atkinson Street.

During the undercover drug deals, the FBI source had worn a hidden audio-recording transmitter every time they bought 2 ounces of cocaine for over $2,000 in DEA money. During one of such purchases, Amaury Calderon Santiago asked the source to partner with him and pool their money to bring drugs by the kilogram from Puerto Rico.

Soon after the drug deal of 6th June, the source was caught red handed attempting to steal $400 in DEA cash along with about 14 grams of cocaine before meeting the agents. He was then deactivated as a law enforcement source. The investigators also found out that the drugs were purchased for selling through one of the dark web websites while in the houses they have received several packages.

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