How Will Cryptocurrencies Behave In The Year Of 2020?


Cryptocurrency Exchange: 2020 is the 12th year for Bitcoin, the most famous Cryptocurrency. The past eleven years of its career being a real roller coaster ride, the crypto money is now becoming a little braver about people’s choices. A meaningful time for Bitcoin to identify the major trends of the years has been made around Cryptocurrency and the technology and sophistication of blockchain. These trends have been provided by the insights that help project the future of the digital asset or the digital gold and how it will take the market share and shape the future of blockchain technology over the years.

The reflection on the history of a Cryptocurrency over the lifetime, there’s one typical marking that immediately jumps out of the ordinary. Every successive wave of interest in the Cryptocurrency space has been shocked to take action by new updates in the ecosystem. Notably, two important catalysts were the standing up of crypto exchanges and the initial craze of coin offerings.

These days, Cryptocurrency exchange users have been spoilt for choices between the famous exchanges, so it is easy to overlook the powerful impact that these stages have when they emerged for the public. Although Bitcoin was introduced as a public ledger in January 2009, it was over a year before Bitcoin Market — the first Cryptocurrency exchange opened its doors in February 2010. Other transactions had quickly taken the lead, including the now-infamous Mt.Gox, the corrupted Cryptocurrency exchange. It took less than eleven months from the opening of the Bitcoin Market for Bitcoin to achieve a position where it had become a reasonable thing to compare Bitcoin with the US dollar.


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Going as fast as possible to 2016, Ethereum unleashed its ERC-20 token standard to the world, which swiftly evolved into the 2017/2018 ICO boom. Whether people from Cryptocurrency exchange loved it or not, the ICO craze was probably the most significant moment in the industry’s history. Once tech entrepreneurs became aware of how easy it is to create their token of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, the whole scenario of blockchain changed, and the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed.

Even before Bitcoin hit its peak price of $20,000 in December 2017, people were mad in talking about the ICO bubble bursting. In a legitimate Cryptocurrency sector where so many companies claim to offer a unique value proposition that is often a carbon-copy of its peers, inevitably, many of them would eventually fizzle out.

However, the Cryptocurrency exchange sector is tough to find in terms of the value of the underlying technology is often perceived in line with market capital centralization. The crypto prices stayed low from the beginning of 2018 all the way until the spring of 2019 while the assumed value of the blockchain also gone down. This was accompanied by the amount of the vast majority of tokens that had been issued during the boom. One study by the researchers has revealed that less than half of the projects were still active a mere five months after the tokens were spread out in the market for sale.


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The original usage of Bitcoin was that of a store of value, and it is originally a public ledger that Satoshi Nakamoto has invented from the expertise he had gathered from his work experiences. But the real-world example of one use of Bitcoin cannot be said to be that of a public ledger. Still, it is a reprised form of the hyperinflation of a bridge that shows the establishments between the influencing blockchain technology and the current democratic and economic countries of the world.

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