Bitmain Launches Two New S17 ASIC Miners


Bitmain the leading mining Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) producer according to the news releases have announced that the management has planned to release two new mining ASIC machines by the second week of the month (9th September). The two new ASIC mining machines named the S17e and T17e will be launched on 9th of September as said by the Bitmain company spokesman. According to the company’s press release to the media both the ASIC machines, the S17e and the T17e are improved and sophisticated versions of their previous versions. Both the mining machines manufactured by Bitmain are highly efficient and more stable and has huge longevity in terms of operational effectiveness.


Bitmain also released the specifications of both the newly announced mining machines. The S17e and T17e have a hash rate of 64 TH/s and 53TH/s respectively and operate with a power efficiency of 45 J/TH and 55 J/TH respectively. Both the S17e and the T17e features a dual-tube heat dissipation system, reportedly enhancing the longevity of the hardware and its stability. The spokesman went to also to clarify and respond that the two ASIC mining machines have also a high level of security that will prevent the machines from any cybersecurity attacks.

The S17e and T17e will be released in three batches. The first batch of new ASIC mining machines will be available in the market for sale on Sept. 9 and is expected to be delivered in the first 10 days of November. The second batch will be sold on Sept. 10 and will be delivered in the period starting on Nov. 11 and ending on Nov. 20. The third and final batch will be released on Sept. 11, and its delivery is set for the period starting on Nov. 21 and ending on Nov. 30.

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Source: Coin Telegraph

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