What Is The Long Term Trend Of Cryptocurrency Bitcoin?


To be able to understand where could be the scope of Bitcoin in the future, the criptomoneda leader, you need to take hold even more in their bases, to then grow exponentially in every sense. Personally, when someone argues that Bitcoin can’t be money because nothing supports it, I replied with another question: can you tell me what supports the Fiat money that we currently use? Usually, after several hesitations, I explain to them that we have spent almost half a century using money without any support.

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Clarified that the Fiat money has no backing of any value, but trust us on to continue using it, I explain to them that the real backing of Bitcoin is the technology, the blockchain. And I’ll explain that when we buy an expensive item, in reality, we are buying technology. A recent technology, which allows you to transfer value in the network and that its support is in the solutions of complex mathematical operations that allow its functioning. Although, the majority continues not to understand me; I know that the problem lies mainly in that ignorance of collective swarming through the, not knowing what the hell is the money. But that is another very broad issue that we leave aside. For this reason, in this article, I want to share briefly what I consider are the essential points to the fundamental strength of Bitcoin.

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Without a doubt, one of the main determinants of demand that affect the price of Bitcoin is its limited supply. Bitcoin is designed to be a currency deflationary with a total supply that will never exceed 21 million. To achieve this, the reward in the block for the miners of Bitcoin decreases by half every 210,000 blocks or approximately four years, is what is known in the slang crypto as halving.

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