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How You Can Chat Securely via XMPP/Jabber Messaging Protocol?


The first thing you want to do is download the XMPP or Jabber client called Pidgin. This can be downloaded here. Once it is downloaded, go ahead with the installation till the completion.


Chatting Securely Through XMPP/Jabber In 6 Easy Steps


Step 1:


After it gets installed, start Pidgin. You’ll be presented with two different Windows. Ignore them for now. We’ve to first grab the software which will allow us to talk securely. It’s called OTR, which stands for Off-the-Record messaging, and may be downloaded here.

Download and install the OTR. Also, make sure that the Pidgin application is closed out from your screen and taskbar before installing the OTR. OTR and Pidgin are now installed! You would not require more downloads from here in the tutorial but just need a couple of simple configurations to run and access Pidgin.



Step 2:


The primary thing we’d like to try to do is to make the OTR plugin active in Pidgin. Do that by opening Pidgin, getting to the “Tools” link, selecting “Plugins”, and clicking on the checkbox next to “Off-the-Record Messaging”.


Step 3:


Once we are through with that, we will enter our XMPP or Jabber account details and begin chatting, or make a replacement account if you don’t have one. If you would like an inventory of free XMPP service providers, you’ll get one on the internet.

For instance, we will be able to make a replacement account with the service. You’ll be able to register through the client like we will show you how to go about it or otherwise you can register online. The first step is to register from the client where you have to enter the username, password, and domain. The username and password are going to be your choice, but the domain is going to be “” without any quotations. The “Resource” box should be left blank. Next, check the “Create this new account on the server” box at the rock bottom of the screen. It should look something like this.


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Step 4:


The next steps, to require another step to be even safer, will to line Tor as a SOCKS5 proxy, in order that not only are the messages encrypted with OTR, but the traffic is encrypted with Tor. To try to do that, click on the “Proxy” tab, and set your “Host” and “Port” accordingly. Confirm that Tor is running or otherwise you will get connection errors! Once this is done, click on the “Add” button, return to the “Buddy List”, click on the “Accounts” link, click on “Manage Accounts”, and eventually click the checkbox next to your account. This may send the request to the server, and ask you to verify your new account.

If you encounter a pop-up message don’t be worried. Sometimes, there’s a mistake with the server, and you’ll need to register online. This has happened to many people several times, and it is quite normal.

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Step 5:


Just register on the website of the XMPP host you’re using. Once you’ve done all of this, you would like to feature your buddy and start a chat with him or her. 

We will use a  fake account for this instance, but the process remains the same when you are using a real account.


Step 6:


All you have to do is click on the “OTR” button within the chat room, and click on “Start a Personal Conversation”. Wait a couple of seconds, and you’re chatting securely via XMPP or Jabber.

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