What Is GHB? Everything To Know About This Important Drug
Last updated : July 21, 2024

What Is GHB? Everything To Know About This Important Drug


GHB is a potent drug that can even cause you to remain in coma if overdosed or taken wrongly. Here is everything you must know about the drug.


GHB is a type of drug that has a depressant effect. It's also known as liquid ecstasy. It is available on the best onion sites. In this chapter, we'll take a look at what this drug is, how it's used, how much of it there is, and the risks associated with it.




General Aspects Of The Drug


GHB is a naturally occurring chemical in the central nervous system (CNS) of animals and some fruits. It can be found as a powder, or is more commonly found as a colorless, transparent, slightly salty liquid. It is commonly used as a recreational drug (as a salt) (sodium/potassium GHB). The effects of this particular drug are comparable to those of other chemicals such as 1,4-Butanediol (gamma-butyrolactone-GBL), which can be obtained over the internet.

In the 1960s, gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) was developed as a form of anesthetic, however, its use was discontinued due to its potential side effects. Subsequently, it was utilized as a supplement for bodybuilding in the late 1980s and early 1990s, as it enabled the production of growth hormones. More recently, this drug has been marketed as a treatment for the condition of naps, and has been shown to have some efficacy in the treatment of alcohol dependence.

The phenomenon of "date rape drugs" or chemical submission is often linked to GHB, but the practice of administering the drug or similar substances to an individual without their consent in order to coerce them into sexual acts is extremely rare in statistical terms and has been widely publicized in the media.

After you have acquired the drug from the dark onion links, how do you administer it?

The most popular way to take it is to take it by mouth, either straight out or mixed into something to drink. Anything else is totally out of the question and can be really dangerous.




The effects of this potent drug are pretty much the same as those of alcohol (e.g., euphoria, drowsiness, talkative, calmness, etc.). It usually kicks in about half an hour to an hour and a half after you take it, and it can last up to two hours. It also seems to have some effects on sex (like increased sensitivity to touch, more orgasms, etc.), but we don't know for sure. It's really hard to detect in bodily fluids like blood, urine, or hair, so it's not something you can do with regular tests.




GHB, or gamma-lacto butyric acid, is usually found in the form of a liquid (in milliliters). However, the active ingredient (GHB) is measured in weight (in grams). It has a density of 1.0 to 1.2 grams per milliliter (g/ml). This means that about 1 ml of pure (volume units) of the drug contains approximately 1 gram. However, it is possible to adulterate the sample (simply diluting it with water). Therefore, 1 ml (1.2 grams or less) of the drug will never exceed 1.2 grams.

Glucose-bound lactone (GBL) is converted to gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) in the human body upon ingestion. It is the latter compound which exerts its central nervous system-related effects. The molecular weight of GBL is approximately 1.13 g/l. As demonstrated in the preceding example, 1 mL of GBL can contain up to 1.13mg of GBL. In the human body, one ml of GBL converts into 1.13mg-1.35mg of the drug.

  • When GHB is taken in small amounts (less than 1 gram), it can help you feel a bit more relaxed, which can lead to less anxiety and some mild disinhibition.
  • If you take 1-2 grams of it, you'll feel really relaxed with feelings of drowsiness and euphoria. You'll also have a lift in your mood, and you'll be more likely to enjoy listening to music or dancing. But if you take too much, you might experience side effects like losing your coordination or having trouble speaking.
  • 2 to 4 grams produces a level of deep relaxation, and in most cases, the user is able to fall into a state of sleep lasting between 2 and 4 hours.
  • A dose of more than 4 grams typically induces profound slumber, making it almost impossible for the user to wake up for a period of 3-4 hours.



Health Issues


Considering a potent drug, there are  quite a few health concerns associated with this drug whether or not you have acquired from top onion sites.




The safety of GHB is less pronounced than that of other substances. Even small dosage increases can lead to disproportionate effects, and the distinction between the recreational and toxic dosage is limited. Intoxication with this drug is characterized by a decrease in consciousness, which can result in profound coma.

Taking other depressants at the same time, like alcohol, even if it's just a tiny amount, makes it easier for this kind of problem to come up. Plus, since it's diluted in water, it's hard to figure out how much to take for recreational purposes, so it's easy to get drunk.

The effects of GHB in high doses can lead to a combination of unconsciousness and vomiting, both of which can be highly hazardous. When vomiting while unconscious, vomit can be aspirated, which can lead to suffocation and damage to the lungs. To avoid aspiration of vomit, it is recommended to always lay the person on their back with their head to one side when intoxicated with this drug.




GHB can cause physical dependence. If you take this drug 4 to 6 times a week for a few weeks, you may find that you need to take a higher dose to feel the same effects. Some people need to take a small dose to function properly.

If you take the drug for a few weeks and then stop taking it suddenly, you may experience withdrawal syndrome. This can include tremor, hallucination, tachycardia, and insomnia. In severe cases, you may experience seizures, delirium, and other symptoms. Fortunately, there are pharmacological treatments or detoxification treatments available for this.



Interaction With Drugs


Any substance with a depressant effect can augment the toxicity of GHB, including prescription medications (e.g., benzodiazepine, opiate, barbiturate), as well as illicit or legal substances.

Topiramate, an anti-epileptic medication used to treat cocaine addiction, has been found to interact with GHB to facilitate intoxication. When mixed with other stimulants, such as speed, cocaine, and MDMA, GHB can be masked, making it more likely to be consumed excessively and, thus, leading to adverse reactions.

GHB can be synthesized by the combination of its immediate precursor, gamma-butyrolactone, and sodium hydroxide, which is a form of caustic soda. It is important to regulate the pH level of the final product when producing this reaction, as too high or too low can cause burns, erosion, or perforation in the digestive tract when consumed.


Published at : 27/09/2023