What Is Kitty Flipping? 10 Best Tips You Need Now
Last updated : May 22, 2024

What Is Kitty Flipping? 10 Best Tips You Need Now!


Experience the potent blend of ketamine and MDMA, a gateway to a transformative psychedelic adventure. Embrace the wonder, explore with mindfulness, and honor the magic.


Are you familiar with Kitty Flipping? No, it's not a feline acrobatics routine or a new pet trend. Kitty flipping refers to the combination of two powerful substances: ketamine and MDMA. This unique concoction has gained popularity in certain party scenes, offering users a potent and mind-altering experience like no other. 

In this article, we will dive into the world of Kitty Flipping, exploring its effects, risks, and why it has become a subject of fascination for some individuals seeking an intense euphoric high. So buckle up and get ready to uncover the secrets behind this strong ketamine and MDMA blend known as Kitty Flipping!




What is Kitty Flipping?


Kitty flipping is a popular practice in clubs where people combine ketamine and MDMA. This combination may seem strange since ketamine is a dissociative drug and MDMA is known for its sensual and emotional effects. However, many people find this combination to be highly euphoric.

Flipping is the term used when you mix K, which causes tripping, with MDMA, which causes rolling. Combining a trip and a roll results in a flip, hence the name. Various drug combinations with Molly are referred to as flips, such as nexus flipping (MDMA with 2C-B) and sugar flipping (MDMA with cocaine).


Why Mix Ketamine and Ecstasy?


People combine K and Molly for two main reasons. Some psychonauts take both substances together or close in time to each other to have a unique trip, which is different from taking them separately. More details on this will be discussed in the next section.

Some people use MDMA and later use K to reduce the negative effects of coming down from ecstasy. These effects can include anxiety, depression, irritability, aggression, insomnia, and impulsivity.


What Happens When You Combine Ketamine and MDMA?


Taking Molly and K together can cause strong hallucinations, including visual, auditory, and kinetic effects. This was shared by a Quora user named Crashed Doherty, who talked about his friend's experience with kitty flipping.

Within seconds, he and his friend were tripping heavily. Doherty crashed and saw the moon above. He reached out and successfully grabbed it. He then passed the moon to his friend, and they spent about 10 minutes in amazement, passing it back and forth. Both of them were experiencing the same trip. However, his friend started to worry that someone might notice the moon's absence and search for it, potentially discovering that they had taken it. To avoid any trouble, they promptly returned it to the sky.

They put the moon back and heard a loud boom. Everything started shaking like there was a jet engine in the room. They felt a strong pressure, like when taking off in a plane. Then, they felt weightless. They looked outside and saw their house on the moon. They went out to explore the scenery, which seemed real to them.

If that sounds too intense, you should wait a few hours after taking MDMA before adding K. This delayed combination will create a less intense but still unique experience. According to Redditor Oliivi, snorting K about four hours after taking Molly will result in a more intense emotional high compared to taking them separately.

In 2017, Oliivi described the powerful feeling of euphoria caused by combining MDMA and high doses of ketamine. The experience was unlike anything they had ever felt before, as it created a unique and intense psychedelic euphoria.

Oliivi says they snorted about 300 milligrams of ketamine in five hours. They were able to do this because MDMA prevented them from getting too incapacitated to snort more ketamine. So kitty flipping gives a different psychedelic experience by changing how both substances interact with your body.

Not everyone takes ketamine for a psychedelic experience. Some use it to reduce the negative effects of coming down from MDMA. Others snort ketamine to ease the anxiety that often comes with taking molly. Taking ketamine before MDMA can make the intense rush of energy and emotions more manageable.


Is Kitty Flipping Safe to be Done?


Not many studies have looked at the effects of kitty flipping, even though it is a popular practice. Most studies on drug use only look at the effects of one substance at a time, so there is not much research on using multiple drugs together.

When you mix drugs, you combine the risks of each substance. Molly can have negative side effects like distorted perception, increased heart rate and blood pressure (which can be dangerous for people with heart problems), and a rise in body temperature that can cause severe organ damage and even failure of the liver, kidneys, or heart (especially in young adults). Mixing small to medium amounts of drugs seems to be physically safe with a few things to keep in mind: First, it's important to test your substances to make sure you're actually taking what you think you are. (We recommend using the MDMA test kit provided by the nonprofit DanceSafe).

  • High doses of ketamine can lead to depressed respiration, dangerous changes in blood pressure and heart rate, violent behavior, elevated body temperature, delirium, and coma.
  • Frequent use of ketamine can cause ketamine cystitis, which results in severe damage to the urinary tract.
  • Ketamine cystitis leads to bloody urine, ulcers, hemorrhages, and frequent, painful urination.

Ketamine can make you forget things and MDMA can make you act without thinking. This is why Roselyn Keo and Samantha Barbash liked kitty flipping. They drugged rich men and stole their money. The men didn't remember what happened because of the drugs. They even told the thieves their personal information, like PIN numbers and their mother's maiden names, which the thieves used to take their money. This story was made into a movie called Hustlers in 2019.


How Long Does Kitty Flipping Last?


How long your flip lasts depends on when and how you take each substance. Ketamine usually takes effect in 30 seconds when injected, five to ten minutes when snorted, and 20 minutes when swallowed as a pill. The effects typically last for about 45 to 90 minutes.

MDMA is usually taken as a pill and takes about 30 minutes to start working. The effects of an MDMA roll usually last for three to six hours.

To make your kitty flip experience last longer, wait for the MDMA to take effect before taking ketamine. You can also time the ketamine dose to match the start of the MDMA's effects. If the doses align perfectly, the experience will last the entire duration of the ketamine trip (45 to 90 minutes). To extend the kitty flipping session, increase the ketamine dose before the MDMA's effects wear off.


What is the Correct Amount for Kitty Flipping?


There is not much research on the effects of kitty flipping, so there is no standard safe dose. However, DanceSafe, a national health nonprofit that focuses on drug education, can provide guidelines and recommendations based on scientific and anecdotal evidence.

Before trying kitty flipping, it's important to understand the individual effects of ketamine and MDMA on oneself. There is no set dose for taking MDMA or ketamine individually, but there are guidelines based on personal experiences.

Most people take 80-120 mg of MDMA per dose, but it varies. Some take more, while others need less than 80 mg. Factors like body weight, personal chemistry, and past usage affect the amount taken.

Ketamine affects people differently. Even a small amount like 10 mg can make someone feel its effects. A larger dose would be 30 mg, and a moderate dose is 30-60 mg. Taking more than 60 mg can cause a strong and altered state. However, the effects vary based on the person and the quality of the ketamine.

Understanding how Molly and K interact with your body will help you prepare for kitty flipping. Remember that combining K and Molly will have a different effect than taking them separately.

Whenever someone mixes different substances, there will always be some kind of interaction. This interaction can be risky or uncomfortable. When you mix anything with MDMA, you should know that adding another substance can greatly enhance the high. This might be overwhelming for some individuals who are not prepared for it.

To avoid feeling uncomfortable, following the common advice of starting with a small amount and gradually increasing is suggested. People won't know if it's beneficial until they give it a try.

Because there is no set amount of MDMA or ketamine that is considered standard, individuals must determine what they consider to be a low dose based on their own preferences for consuming each substance individually.

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Tips on Kitty Flipping: The Ultimate Guide


  1. Know the Substances: Understand the combination of MDMA (Molly) and ketamine that makes up Kitty Flipping.
  2. Start Low, Go Slow: Begin with low doses of each substance to gauge your body's reaction.
  3. Safe Environment: Choose a comfortable and safe setting with trusted friends to ensure a positive experience.
  4. Stay Hydrated: Drink water, but avoid overhydration, as both substances can cause dehydration.
  5. Mindset Matters: Be in a positive state of mind before experimenting with Kitty Flipping.
  6. Interval Between Doses: Wait for the effects of one substance to subside before taking the other to avoid overwhelming experiences.
  7. Testing Your Substances: Ensure the purity and authenticity of your drugs through testing kits.
  8. Avoid Mixing with Other Substances: Do not combine Kitty Flipping with other drugs or alcohol.
  9. Rest and Recovery: Give your body ample rest after the experience to recover fully.
  10. Seek Professional Help: If you have concerns or doubts about Kitty Flipping, consult a healthcare professional.



Kitty Flipping, the captivating blend of ketamine and MDMA, offers a unique journey into altered states of consciousness. As we explore the mystical realms of psychedelics, we must remember to tread with caution and respect for these potent substances. The magic lies in understanding our limits and embracing the transformative potential of the mind.


Published at : 29/07/2023

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