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White House DNX Chat

  • whitehousednss
  • Carding Groups
  • CC CVV
  • 1860

White House DNX Chat is a Telegram group featuring carding details or CCs, debit cards, bank logins, gift cards. The group also offers carding tutorials apart from fresh logs.

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  • 77

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Reviews (3)

  • MrBrixu
    Sep 24, 2023 |

    He is a major scammer, I do not recommend his group at all.

  • Vlad
    Apr 09, 2023 |

    He’s nothing but a rogue and he scams just anyone and anything. Take him seriously and you’d be a joke.

  • Vlad
    Apr 09, 2023 |

    He’s a cheap ripper… he ripped me of $100 BTC and blocked me from his group and DMs. My only joy was that I had to test his folly and he fell down right flat. Trade or deal with him at your own peril.