Cops Liquidated xDedic – the Top Ranking Online Market for Cyber Criminals


The law enforcement authorities from the U.S and the other European countries held an international operation where the online underground marketplaces have been shut down at the earliest and three suspects were arrested in Ukraine. The top-ranking online cyber market, xDedic, was recently shut down that allowed the users to buy, sell, or rent access to the thousands of hacked systems and servers around the world. It is stated that the xDedic darknet market has been existing in the market for years and the administrators have been successful in concealing the locations of the servers.

xDedic, the online cyber market was one of the huge underground marketplaces that offered the buyers to search for over 1,76,000 unique servers that are compromised usually in the form of credentials for the compromised Remote Desktop Protocol accounts (RDP) from across the world by operating system (OS), price or the geographical location from where they were stolen. It also facilitated people to buy a hacked server of European Union country government network against a petty amount of just $6 as per the 2016 report from the Kaspersky lab that also stated xDedic was operated by a group of Russian speaking hackers.

The website was ceased on 24th January, 2019 (Thursday). According to the information provided by Europol and the U.S. Department of Justice the website was taken down on 28th of January, 2019 (Monday). Prior to the takedown, the website reports to have facilitated over $68 million in fraud. xDedic’s infrastructure has been seized and dismantled in Belgium and Ukraine. The people who try to access the website now would be redirected to a page informing them that the website has been discontinued. The Ukraine authorities have announced that the three suspects were arrested and seized many IT systems.



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