XDedic Darknet Market Returns with a Boom


The latest news on the xDedic darknet market has shaken the users of the now defunct marketplace. The defunct marketplace has now resurfaced on a Tor domain while this time there is a $50 USD of enrolment fee. The original domain of the xDedic darknet market had disappeared earlier in August 2017 soon after a Kaspersky security report was published on 16th of June 2017. The report claimed that the xDedic marketplace facilitated the sale of the compromised RDP servers that numbered to 70,000. The report also revealed that the Russian speaking group that was behind the xDedic website has allegedly sold the servers for as low as $6.

Lately, a report that has been posted on 24th of June by the researchers of Digital Shadows to one of the Russian forums, exploit[.] had included a link to the onion website that now hosts the xDedic darknet marketplace. The experts and the observers have stated that the user interface of the resurfaced darknet website was identical to the previous one. Nevertheless, the thread discussions have provided no insight on the fact that the old accounts have not yet been transferred to the new one. The new website facilitated new registrations but for the further activations, the new account has to be credited with a value of $50.

The co-founder of the Digital Shadows, James Chappell also revealed that the domain had been shared on a French language darknet site. Along with this he also added that the xDedic website was up now along with the added operational security and that they have to function with caution because they were not in a position to advertise but are using a link to point others to their website. However, they have pointed out on their promotion of the services without revelation of their identity.


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