Dark Web Xanax Purchase: Pittsburg Resident Sentenced


A resident of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for purchasing drugs and a firearm from a darknet vendor on the darknet. The victim was buying these illegal kinds of stuff especially Xanax on the dark web to sell it to local residents for one year or even going back several years. According to the court documents the victim’s name is James Robert Czachowski aged 22 and is resident of Pittsburg who had a parcel delivered at his home address way back in April 2018. The package reportedly had a return address in the U.K. and had in them more than 10,000 pills of Xanax pills. The United States Postal services inspectors joined hands with the HIS and the federal bureau of investigation agents and planned a controlled delivery of the drug package.

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On April 11, 2018, the agents and postal inspectors delivered the package to the addressee. Czachowski’s father accepted and signed for the package’s delivery. On making the delivery, the agents continued to keep watch on the residence, and after some time, Czachowski’s father came out of the house carrying the package. The agents stopped him identified themselves and asked him to tell them where he was taking the package. He told the agents that he was going to deliver the package to his son in Pittsburgh. While still in the custody of the agents the man received a phone call from Czachowski, and the agents asked him to answer the call on speaker. The agents reportedly heard Czachowski ask his father if everything was fine and if he had started the journey to Pittsburgh with the package that had the Xanax pills in them.

Image Source: www.hstoday.us

The agents from the United States postal services, FBI and the HSI went to the Czachowski house and searched the place thoroughly. Upon a proper search of his residence, the agents stumbled upon three firearms and uncovered many rounds of ammunition. Then Czachowski was arrested and taken away for investigation.

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