Will Dark Web 2.0 be the Dark Web’s Future?


The Dark Web is that part of the internet that assures the users with anonymity of their IP addresses and any sorts of personal information while they access those Dark Web websites through a specialized browser known as the Tor browser that comes in a format of software. After dodging and affecting by the defunct sites, indictments and the exit scams, the DarkWeb is shrinking. While, there persists a fact that the cyber criminals and the Dark Web enthusiasts will involve newer protocols to revive the shrinking Dark Web.

As already said, that Tor browser can hide the user’s web browsing history, emails and even the instant messaging from the law enforcement. Unfortunately, the Tor browser was never invincible for the DarkWeb criminals and dissidents. The relay network of TOR is vulnerable to an adversary that possesses a capability to correlate the traffic entering and exiting the relay network in order to de-anonymize the users. Throughout the past decade, the governments have used this technique and the other in the bid to de-anonymize the DarkWeb users and arrest them. This is the reason why the DarkWeb is on the verge of shrinkage.

The criminal infrastructure of the DarkWeb is getting loosened up while they are being attacked. Some of the criminals have simply vanished while some others have managed to indulge in alternatives hiding themselves from the law enforcement. However, with all of this going there will be a change in some parts. The criminals have also found out that the clear web can also help in trading through the social network sites like Facebook as the Facebook’s algorithms help with the easy connection to the buyers and sellers automatically.

The existing Dark Web will definitely give rise to an all new Dark Web 2.0 which might be a smaller place for the criminals but the Tor will receive upgrades where it will feature better encryption, anonymity.

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