Why Does BBC News Reach All Dark Web Readers?

Bbc news

BBC News, one of the most popular news platform in the world recently announced their intention to reach dark web readers by launching dark web Tor mirror. This decision has been the center of most discussions as people who have not read the official announcement wonder the motive behind this movement.

On the brighter note, this will help clear the misconception of the dark web and how a number of people only associate the dark web and the Tor to illicit sales of goods and services.

BBC has sought to project its world service news to the international audience. However, their mission was quite interrupted by the decision of some countries including Iran, China and Vietnam to block access to BBC News in their region.

Bbc news

Image Source: www.bbc.co.uk

The official launch of the program on the dark web which will only become accessible to Tor users, most specifically residents of these countries who have blocked their programs will help thwart government censorship. Individuals can access the BBC News version on the dark web using the Tor browser without worrying about their identity.

According to the BBC, individuals who are interested in accessing their international edition of the dark web copy can keep in touch with them on bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onion using the Tor Browser. However, “BBC UK only” contents will not be accessible on their dark web edition as a result of broadcast right.

As claimed in the BBC News announcement, the dark web version of the news will provide services in foreign languages including BBC Russian, BBC Persian, and BBC Arabic. This huge step will play an important role in shaping the perception of the dark web, the Tor browser and send message across that many positive things can be taken from the outstanding nature of the dark web.

Image Source: www.economictimes.com

According to Professor Steven Murdoch, cybersecurity expert of University College London, the Tor Browser can be used to access their regular BBC News website. However, accessing the .onion site comes with a number of benefits. They stated that the .onion service takes off scarce exit node, preserves end to end encryption and also, the self-authenticating domain name resists spoofing.

The BBC World Service Mission which aims to extend their content to a larger audience including people residing in the restricted or blocked region is currently on course as the Dark web edition and the Tor will successfully help execute the mission.

Following the decision of BBC News to thwart government censorship using the Tor browser, some of the countries that have strictly blocked the access of BBC News may possibly go the extra mile to ban or block the use of Tor, though it may be very difficult. Not long ago, Russia announced their intention to block the access of Tor Browser.

According to Vadim Ampelonskogo, the Chief Press Officer of Russia’s Federal Authority on Telecommunication, the Tor browser is a den of criminals. He stated that the government has a plan for the Tor usage, and though blocking it may be difficult, it is technically possible.

Source: BBC

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