Advanced Breach Protection Demystified – Untold Truths Security Beyond AV


Business continuation in the today’s world implies continuously dealing with the evolving threat. Following a breach, there occur severe losses due to the downtime. Added to that, the breach comes with information at risk of the valuable clients and proprietary that makes most of the organizations to realize that they cannot afford to be self-satisfied. This exerts extra responsibility on the IT security teams who continuously strive for Advanced Breach Protection  to safeguard their organizations against the threats that bypass AV and firewall.

Simultaneously, another challenge comes forth that is most of the organizations have limited resources that they can invest in the security. Moreover, many of them are left depending on a single product on top of their stack of security. The common practice in the organizational security circles is to upgrade the endpoint protection with the EPP/EDR or any network Analytic tool if they want to remain secure. But as the saying goes what’s common may always not necessarily be the best choice.

To address all sorts of these issues, Cynet has called for a webinar on 10th of April, 2019 (Wednesday) at 1:00 PM EST. The webinar will revolve around the topic “Advanced Breach Protection Demystified – Untold Truths on Security Beyond AV” which will be presented by the Director of the Product Management of Cynet. In the webinar, the company will provide a glimpse of the inherent security gaps that people tends to ignore about EDR/EPP and the Network Analysis. This webinar includes an in-depth examination of the attack vectors that make the EPP/EDR go blind, network analysis prevention of the threats, reasons the user behaviour monitoring is integral to an organizational security solution and lastly, ways in which you can secure all main attack surfaces.

You can register for the webinar in the website of Cynet


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