Hackers Ruined the VFEmail Service and Deleted the Complete Data and Backups


How frightening it is if you come to know all the data you stored somewhere got completely wiped out including backups you have saved? It really is very terrifying. A completely similar incident has taken place this week with VFEmail.net. The VFEMail.net is a US-based email provider that claims to be the most secure one has lost all its data and backup files for its users after the anonymous hackers destroyed completely the US infrastructure of the company. The company claimed that the data and the backup that was completely wiped off constituted of a huge amount of the same that account to almost a decade. The company also stated that the data along with the backup has been completely washed out by the hackers in a matter of a few hours and that there were no apparent reasons behind the incident.

VFEmail was started in the year 2001 by Rick Romerio who provides private email services that are quite secure to the end users against both free and premium packages. The attack hailed on the company was a catastrophic one and focussed mainly on the privacy of the company.

The attack happened on 11th of February this year and all the data on their US servers (primary and backup systems) has been wiped out completely and the most damaging part is none of the data lost can be recovered. This is a complete loss of the company.

The VFEmail Company was unaware of the hacking going on and on the same day noticed all the servers went off line without any prior notice. It took nearly two hours for the hackers to hack and destroy the data along with the backups and the infrastructure. After two hours the company authorities noticed the issue and on inspection found out the loss of the data, they claimed it a hacking incident.


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