Empire Market Vendor NeverPressedRX Arrested In a Joint Investigation By FBI and FDA


A Maryland man has been arrested on the suspicion of running a drug trafficking and money laundering operation. The man had an account with the Empire Market and ran the vendor account named NeverPressedRX”. The man allegedly sold a variety of prescription medication on the marketplaces and also used Wickr for the distribution of the medicines. According to the court documents, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched the investigation against the 32-year-old William Anderson Burgamy of Hanover in December 2019. The agency started the investigation after they got hold of the information from the Empire marketplace. 

The agency got information that connected the Maryland man with his account named NeverPressedRX along with his email address, jabber address, and Wickr username. The FBI officials then contacted the vendor through the account listed on the vendor’s profile. The officials made their first legal purchase on January 03, 2020, by contacting the vendor (NeverPressedRX). The communication between the undercover FBI agent and the Empire Market vendor was moved to email through the vendor’s public email address, [email protected] On receiving a request of order the Maryland man mailed back the list of banned substances that were available for purchase. The list included Xanax, diazepam, oxycodone, hydrocodone, Adderall and tramadol. 

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The undercover agent placed an order of 20 oxycodone pills and wired the vendor 0.02400203 Bitcoins to an address provided by NeverPressedRX. The agent received the parcel which contained the pills dated January 8th. The second order was placed by an FDA special agent on January 14 asking for 22 Adderall pills. The FDA agent was sent the same bitcoin address which was used for the FBI undercover agent. He too was told to pay in Bitcoins and he received the shipments on January 17th. On January 15th the undercover agent received an email from the Empire Market titled “NPRX Important Updates”. The FBI came to the conclusion that the vendor had sent the email via Mailchimp. The agency (FBI) contacted Mailchimp and requested them for making available their records pertaining to [email protected] 

The law enforcement agency continued to purchase substances from the dark web vendor for two more times and then started to physically monitor him by taking photographs and keeping under close observation. They had Burgamy’s photographs while he was exiting his Hanover residence via the garage, entering a black SUV before he drove to the Odenton Post Office. They subsequently observed him walking with United States Postal Service mailing envelopes before placing those envelopes in a blue post office box located outside the Odenton Post Office. After accomplishing the task he sat on his vehicle and drove away. 

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After he drove away, an  United States Postal inspector retrieved the envelopes he had placed in the mailboxes. Two of the envelopes were addressed to the fake purchases that were placed by undercover agents of the FBI and the FDA. The orders were placed on 21st January. The packages were recorded (photographed) and kept back safely in the mailboxes. Analysis of NeverPressedRX’s Bitcoin address led the officials to Burgamy’s Coinbase account. Coinbase helped the investigators by giving them account details along with the picture of the account holder.  This was a turning point in the investigation as the IP address of Coinbase matched with the IP address of the Mailchimp account. On April 9, 2020, the investigators executed a search warrant on the dark web’s vendor’s residence and seized eight firearms and thousands of prescription pills. Burgamy was arrested and charged with money laundering and distribution of prescribed medicine. 

Source: Darknetlive

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