Indian National Pleads Guilty for Running Call Centre Scams in the US


Indian Origin man have been convicted and accused of the crimes that he had committed during the period between 2013 till 2016. The man pleaded guilty in a U.S. court. He pleaded guilty for his role in operating and funding India based call centers whose callers along with US based conspirators have defrauded U.S. victims out of millions of dollars. The unfortunate events took place between the periods from 2013 and continued till 2016. The name of the guilty was Hitesh Madhubhai Patel and he hailed from Ahmadabad India. The convicted person is also known as Hitesh Hinglaj among his colleagues and fellow conspirators. He is aged 43 years old pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy and general conspiracy to commit identification fraud, access device fraud, money laundering, and befriending a federal officer or employee. The announcement was made by the judges and attorney general of the Justice Department of the United States. The announcement was also made by the sitting judges of Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations (HIS) , treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration(TIGTA), United States Department of Homeland Security(DHS) and the Office of Inspector General(OIG).

According to the judges, Hitesh Madhubhai Patel, was the master mind behind the attack and played a prominent role in defrauding and scamming vulnerable Americans. His criminal enterprise had stolen millions of dollars by misdirecting them into revealing their personal bank details. He then used these details to steal millions from their bank accounts. The Judges also added that the arrest would not have been possible without the assistance from the Singaporean colleagues who have played a major role unmasking the master mind. According to the disclosure he made, he and his fellow conspirators perpetrated a well thought out scheme which was very complex in nature. The targets were American citizens and also officials from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USICS).

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The enterprise was run from a city of India called Ahmadabad which is also the capital city of Gujarat. The team also was engaged and carried out other telephone calls scams designed to trap or lure American nationals across the United States. The conspirators were also given threats of deportation, fines, imprisonment, if they were not able to pay up. It is the perfect copy book criminal story that they had carried out with tactical awareness and mind-blowing skills. Victims that fell prey to these pre-planned attacks were instructed by the about how to send the money which also sometimes meant that the victim were ordered to buy general purpose reloadable cards (GPR). After the victims had done what the scammers wanted them to do, they would immediately turn to their associates or partners in the United States. The associates would then be in charge of laundering and liquidating the fraudulently obtained money proceeds and transferring it to their colleagues in India.

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In the plea, Patel admitted that he ran various such call centers in India which were responsible for running the operation of defrauding and perpetrating the scams. This is also including the major call centre call called HGLOBAL. Patel told in his plea that he was in constant touch with the operation of all the organization he ran and frequently was in touch with other co-conspirators. He exchanged credit card cards numbers, telephone scam scripts and bank account information. He also received monthly income and expenses reports into his email accounts. The financial that he received was of his different organization, that he ran in various parts of the country. He also used his Indian cell phone to access the GPR cards through his operated telephone system.

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