540 Million Facebook User Data Spotted on Unprotected Amazon Servers


The April 2019 seems to be the month of hacking disasters for the Facebook users. The first thing that had been experienced by the social media company is that it has been asking for the user password from the users against their registered email accounts. The latest one is a major privacy breach where over half a billion data of the millions of the Facebook users have been spotted on the unprotected Amazon servers. The exposed sets of the data of the Facebook users that has been found exposed on theses unprotected Amazon servers do not come directly from the Facebook but they were acquired and insecurely stored online by the third-party Facebook app developers.

As per the researchers of the cybersecurity firm named UpGuard, they have successfully discovered two datasets, of which one is from the Mexican media company known as the Cultura Colectiva and the other one is a Facebook integrated app called “At the pool” that were both left accessible to the public on the internet. Over 146 GB of the data acquired by the Mexican company contains more than 540 million Facebook user records that included likes, reactions, comments, Facebook user Ids, account names and much more. The second data set that belongs to the “At the pool” app contained various information about the likes, friends, groups, checked in locations of the users’ and as well as names, plaintext passwords and email addresses of 22,000 people.

Both the datasets were stored in the unsecured S3 buckets of the Amazon that now have been secured and taken offline soon after Facebook data breach had been reported, UpGuard and media contacted Amazon. This is not the first time that the third-party companies have misused the data collected from Facebook and leaked it to the public. This is the not the first time such an an large data set had been found in vulnerable servers.


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