The United Kingdom Offers Space for Firearm Smuggling to Flourish


Along with the deadly or sometimes helpful dark web activities, one of the latest trends have been catching up off lately which is the smuggling of the firearms and ammunitions over the dark web. Ammunitions and firearms are increasingly being smuggled into the UK via the unsuspicious parcel delivery and courier services as stated by the police reports. It has also been found out that the consumers are more likely to purchase the firearms and the ammunitions on the legal websites than that of the dark web sites. While the engagement of the dark web in this particular activity (Firearm Smuggling) is quite less but not absent. The reason behind this is the involvement of certain risks that could bug them later or the parcel can be caught and that they might be cheated in some cases as well as for the buyer it becomes a tad bit difficult to identify if it is a scam.

It has been revealed in the statement released by Dave Thompson, the Chief Constable of West Midlands that there has been a notable rise in the number of the unregistered firearms that are circulating in Britain in the past couple of years. The recent evidences state that there have been co-incidental rise in the number of the unmarked parcels that has been sent to Britain providing it a wrap of online shopping. One of the leading newsrooms in the UK has directed the spotlight on the fact that all of these illicit firearms (Firearm Smuggling) are being activated in the foreign land and then they are being sent to UK for the delivery. In fact, the latest trend has been such that the disassembled weapons are bought from the online retailers and then they are delivered in component parts. The criminals are adopting various ways to avoid the discovery.



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