In-depth Analysis of the Movie Trailer ‘Unfriended 2 – Dark Web


The dark web is a small portion of the deep web and together these two is a part of the total internet (World Wide Web). The dark web and the deep web constitute of 96% of the total internet and the biggest portion of the internet is the home for the greater amount of the Inter-web mystery. A lot of movies, short films and documentaries including a host of publications have been attempted and released to unearth the truths regarding the dark web. ‘Unfriended 2: Dark Web’ is on its way to quench your thirst regarding the horrified side of the dark web. This particular movie is the sequel of the 2014’s horror movie named “Unfriended”. The trailer of the movie has been released in March 2019 while the movie is expected to release on 20th of July in the US.

The movie trailer commences with a scene showing a young man in his 20’s named Matia. It seems that the friends have joined with each other through video chat using a computer and Matias was using a computer that does not belong to him. Matias updates his friends about something that he found in the lost and found bin that is quite strange. It was known later that Matias has entered into the mysterious world of dark web.

The movie trailer ‘Unfriended 2: Dark Web’ provides a sneak peek into the realities of the dark web. The trailer comes off as a typically scary movie that works as the actual representation of the untold stories regarding the modern usage of internet. The unsettling elements of the film are expressed with complete dexterity and resonate in a rather realistic way. There is a lot of hope unlike its previous part as people are eager to discover more about the dark web.


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