Typosquatting Thrives on Dark Web


Cyber crooks may be making a small fortune by typosquatting onion domains and scamming dark net market users. One group of cybercriminals boasted that they were retiring from the practice after making 200 BTC ($760,000) over four years from Tor-based typosquatting. Although claims made by criminals should always be viewed with scepticism, threat intel firm Digital Shadows reckons that the 800 domains the fraudsters claimed to have in their network are plausible, based on the frequency of the appearance of a sign-off note from the scammers on confirmed typosquatting domains. Creating a typosquat domain for a clear web site is fairly straightforward: Miscreants use a variety of techniques, ranging from using similar looking characters – such as a lowercase ‘L’ to replace a capital ‘i’ – or registering domains with Punycode characters that, when rendered in a browser, look similar to the Latin alphabet. Onion addresses are generally long strings (between 16 and 56 characters) featuring numbers and letters – resembling something closer to a hash value rather than a regular surface web address.

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For example, if someone wanted a .onion domain to include the word ‘test’, Shallot would generate many different private keys until the associated domain includes ‘test’ at the beginning of the string. The length of time taken to generate a matching key is dependent on how many characters a user is seeking to match in the resulting domain. The technique opens the door to brand impersonation and domain squatting on the dark web. The threat of typosquatting domains is significantly higher for criminal markets on the dark web, in particular, because .onion domains for these sites are intentionally complex and complicated. They’re called “hidden services” for a reason. For example, a legitimate domain for the Tochka/Point Marketplace – tochka3evlj3sxdv.onion – had a doppelgänger typosquat domain at tochka3evevasc32.onion.

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Source: Digital Shadows

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