Tunisia Central Bank (BCT) Denies Launching Of Digital Currency


Earlier this month there were media reports that the Central Bank of Tunisia has integrated their fiat currency on the Blockchain. The news was reported by Decrypt, Beincrypto and LedgerInsight and many other blockchain media outlets. It became the first country to do so but the news that was published by these blockchain media outlets was incorrect. The story of the integration was first broken on Nov 7th by two Russian news agencies Tass and Iz.ru. Both these news agencies also reported that Russian blockchain platform Universa was helping the Central Bank of Tunisia in the task.

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Central Bank Tunisia also called as BCT denied all claims regarding the development of a central bank digital currency on November 11th. The bank clarified that they are in discussion with the government and is working on finance digitalization but it does have any relationship with any foreign and domestic firm. The CEO of the Russian firm Universa stated that the media has misread the situation wrongly, he also went to clarify that the Central Bank of Tunisia has used the technology to launch their digital currency. On 7th of November the Russian news agencies printed on the front pages of the newspaper saying that the Russian developers have assisted the Central bank of Tunisia to launch the digital dinar.

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Then on November 12th the Central Bank of Tunisia issued a official statement denying any such claims of developing a uDinar but the central bank went on to clarify that they are currently under the development of a digital currency alternative but the discussion are in its preliminary stages.

Source: Coin Telegraph

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