Dark Web Prostitution Ring Busted By The Law Enforcement


Prostitution Ring: Seven people have been arrested as a result of a state-wide led operation that targets the use of various dark web message forums to carry out illicit sex trade and business. Reports from the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office revealed that, together with Tulsa police, Tulsa County DA’s office, and other local law enforcement, there had been an operation which seeks to reveal the culprits who hide behind the dark web and many encrypted apps to engage in the illicit sex trade.

This operation uncovered eight culprits, of which seven has been arrested and taken into custody whiles the remaining one is still on the run. The names of the arrested culprits are Teresa Adams, Thomas Johnson, Kakar Chandra, Gene Gregg, Elizabeth Wyers, Kara Rodriguez, and Kacey Williamson, who was described as one of the prime figures in the dark web prostitution ring. According to investigators, Williamson was a middle school teacher but further investigations revealed that she was an employer of Ripley Public Schools.

Court documents showed that Williamson posted on one dark web message forum that she was getting a new life as a middle school teacher but was still going to keep “select” clients. She also talked about how she wasn’t planning on taking any “johns” to her home because of her children. Numerous attempts to get a statement from the school have proved futile. Her image, however, has been stripped down from the school’s official website.

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According to Federal investigators, the culprits arrested in this bust were allegedly involved in a dark web system that sourced women and connected to their clients, which were men.  One of the men arrested was also reportedly keeping another set of prostitutes of the prostitution ring at four Tulsa massage parlour named Bellanova, Prestige, Tulsa-T, and Barbies, which he owned. Two of the women arrested were managers of these massage parlours and were arrested after the police raided the establishments. Investigators have since issued two additional warrants for two other female suspects who fled the scene.

During interrogation, investigators learned that the dark web prostitution ring had over a hundred women involved in the illicit sex trade as well as over thousands of customers, both male and female. One of the female culprits also revealed that the prostitution ring also had an app name, Discord, which connected all of them, thus both customers, prostitutes, and owners of the ring.

Reports from Federal investigators states that a list of the “johns,” a name given to a prostitute’s client, was being complied, but the arrest of the leaders of the ring was their topmost priority. “Our focus is on the people running the business rather than their workers themselves,” Assistant District attorney Kenneth Elmore stated.

He continued that the investigation uncovered a wide range of dark web networks and structures that are working with people with considerable infrastructures to run this illicit massage business as a front for a prostitution ring. These dark web networks thereby provide anonymity to the owners of this dirty ring as well as the “johns.”

Prostitution ring

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“Assistant District attorney Kenneth Elmore also dished out a warning to all the “johns,” saying that, they may think that they are protected because of the anonymity they’ve been provided and that their actions will not be discovered. He would, however, make sure than they don’t escape the attention of Law enforcement. “I would say we’re coming for you,” he added.

Assistant District attorney Kenneth Elmore also revealed that investigators who led this operation created a highly encrypted communication platform that gave customers of the prostitution ring, total anonymity, allowing them to pass comments on the services of the organization. He also expressed his disbelief of some of the people who were identified as “johns,” saying that some were husbands, highly respected lawyers, and doctors.

“It’s something we’ve been shocked by, and it’s surprising how deep those tentacles reach,” he stated. “Operation Velvet Fury” is a nation-wide crackdown of illicit sex trade happening on the dark web. It is backed by multiple agencies and has been in full motion for over a year.

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