Digital Advertising Market: Tribeos Demonstrates App Involving BCH


On 3rd of April 2019, the digital advertising marketplace named Tribeos published a demonstration of a software application that utilizes the Bitcoin Cash network. The platform plans to launch it in the third quarter of this year by uncovering one of the first fully transparent advertising applications. In the first week of April 2019, Tribeos has released a demonstration video that displays the artificial intelligence (AI) driven marketplace of the company claiming to match the right people with the right advertisements at the right time. Tribeos is a digital advertising platform that focuses on to compete with the likes of the Bing Ads, Google Adwords, Adroll and Yahoo Gemini. The latest demo video also shows how the Tribeos matches the advertisers, web users and the publishers while using the BCH or the Bitcoin Cash in the background.

The demo started with the Ad OS platform that is an intuitive program making it simple to create the digital advertising campaigns. To begin with, the advertisers explained the type of the audience they want to reach and with the Ad OS, the registered users can target a specific audience using the location, platform, browser and language. Then they can choose the type of digital advertising they are opting or choosing for from a variety of choices that includes text ads, responsive ads with images and interactive HTML5 ads. In case of the publisher, they have to register and set up ad space with Tribeos and the software provides the necessary code in a bid to be attached to the online property of the publisher. Along with it, the demo video also shows/displays the company’s proprietary suite of the cybersecurity tools known as Adshield that is capable enough to detect the fraud, shut down bots and protects the ad spend of the users.


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