The Dream Market Darknet Moderator’s Trial Rescheduled for Mid-January


Dream Market Moderator: The suspected darknet market, Dream Market moderator, Gal Vallerius was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment. He used his pseudonym “OxyMonster” to operate in the darknet market. He was apparently moved so that his December hearing could be carried out has now been rescheduled to the mid of January, 2018.

Vallerius was taken into custody after the authorities arrested him in a Georgia based airport in Atlanta. As stated by the lawyer of the culprit who moderated the Dream market, the office of the Southern District of Florida Prosecutor brought forth a case that involved the internet’s “all of the complexity”. The presiding judge of the case however subsequently granted a defence team to Vallerius on their request. The details of the case have now grown pretty complex. But still the defence team will have plenty of time for preparing themselves for the exclusive 15 day hearing that is scheduled for the mid-January.

In the initial hearing that was presided by the judge Robert. N. Scola Jr., the lawyer of Vallerius observed the case thoroughly and explained to the court that there is a significant difference in the French and the U.S. Judicial Systems. On the other hand, lawyer Anthony J. Natale stated that they would be forced to seek assistance from the computer technician for them who would help them understand the collected information and evidence of the US law enforcers. Base on these, the judge granted them defence team acknowledging their genuine attempt of filing the petition for additional time having no intention to drag the case longer but everything was done in good faith.

Natale had initially pushed the case so as to delay the case till May. The presiding judge decided that the concerned parties would meet on the 16th of January to9 take a final decision when the final hearing will be taken.


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