Popular Darknet Market TradeRoute Performed Exit Scam


A rumour has been widespread that one of the most popular darknet marketplaces, namely TradeRoute has performed an exit scam on its vendors and the strong base of buyers. The users of the darknet marketplace who have left their Bitcoins in their accounts were left in stagger. An exit scam generally means when an administrator of a particular website without any notice shuts down the marketplace or the website and in every possible way take away the funds left in the digital wallets of the users’ and finally transfers it to his own account. Such exit scams are pretty common in the darknet markets but this do not stop the users from relying on the darknet markets available on the dark web and storing their digital funds in the wallet while purchasing illicit goods and services with Bitcoins.

Some of the posts on the subreddit on the TradeRoute indicate that the darknet market had lately started associations with the famous phishing company Phishkingz. It has also been found out that the TradeRoute admin had arranged a deal to Phishkingz in regular payments. Also the Phishkingz authorities managed to access the admin panel of the marketplace and within few days the darknet marketplace was completely taken down. This has led the users to be in total darkness as to what has happened to the marketplace suddenly. Most of the Reddit users’ have claimed that the darknet marketplace has closed for a few days but it had been a week then since it was closed that made the users get the actual meaning of it. The public transaction provides an evidence of the exit scam performed by the famous TradeRoute darknet marketplace.

Few days before the website went offline, around 1,760BTC were transferred that accounts to $10 million. Phishkingz is now available under the handle “mandemsweet” has not leaked out any of the personal data of the users which is a great relief.


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