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TOR Browser’s Zero Day Exploits: Verge of Resell to Government at One Million Dollar

TOR Browser undergoes zero-day exploits that proves to be in high demand and could easily get resold against a payout of one million dollars. A news have been circulated among the users of the TOR Browser that the most reputed company specializing in acquiring and reselling of the 0-day exploits, Zerodium, has lately announced that it is ready to pay up to USD 1,000,000 for all working exploits for the browser that runs on Tails Linux and Windows Operating System. This could be an early warning to the TOR Browser users who uses Tails Linux to protect their privacy.

The zero day exploits platform has published some rules along with the payout details of the website. It announced that the payout for the TOR Browser exploits has been kept double for the no JavaScript and the payout for the JavaScript enabled is kept quite lower. According to the company’s rule, the 0-day exploits must maximize the remote code execution vulnerability; the initial attack vector must be a web page working against the latest version of TOR Browser. It has also been cleared that the TOR exploit for the zero days must work effectively having no involvement of any user interaction except victims being able to visit a web page.

Zerodium has already revealed the reason behind the investment for the TOR Browser’s zero day exploits and reselling it to the Governments. The major reason behind all of these is to curb the crimes. It has been assessed that the private firms offer payouts on the regular basis for the undisclosed vulnerabilities than the bigger technology companies. It has also been disclosed that the company is likely to sell the exploits to the law enforcement agencies and the commercial malware development companies selling spyware to the government.

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