Tochka Market


One of the free referral markets that were created by the Russian developers is the Point or Tochka market. Being launched in the year 2015, it is considered one of the first darknet marketplaces that offered a quick distribution and delivery of the items ordered without requiring the communication between the buyer and the vendor. The market is relatively smaller than its competitors and not too well known around the darknet market community. The reason behind the limited popularity of the market in dark web is limited listings and absence of the escrow service. Nevertheless, Tochka is the only market that offers the ‘dead drop’ option from the vendors. That being said, there are quite some more interesting features offered by the marketplace.

Five Easy Steps to Access Point / Tochka Free Market

  1. You need to download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that creates a safe channel for your surfing. PureVPN is the best one.
  2. Get yourself the TOR browser also known as the onion Router. This browser is exclusively meant for surfing the darknet
  3. You need to enter the URL, you want to access in the address bar of the Tor browser.
  4. Register or Signup yourself in the Tochka Market so that you can buy and sell items on the marketplace.
  5. Explore the Point / Tochka Market. Explore the categories, products, and seller’s profile in details. Compare the sellers’ profiles and choose the better one for yourself.

The market was mainly found as T.chka while the black dot is pronounced as “O”. Therefore, you might find the marketplace in this version as well. Unlike other marketplaces available in the dark web, the Tochka market too is not very different from the security point of view. Thus, one needs to be very careful while dealing with the marketplaces.



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