Three Common Dark Web Mistakes You Should Never Make


The dark web is speculated to be a place that hosts a lot of users while keeping them anonymous through the Tor browser and VPN. Truly, users are free to surf through the anonymous web in any way that pleases them. However, it is important to understand that there are rules that govern its use to help avoid making some of the common dark web mistakes.

These are self-applied rules that can take care of your safety and ensure a successful browsing experience. Browsing on the internet without a clear understanding of certain things can put your device and yourself in danger both on the surface web and the dark web. In this article are a few common dark web mistakes you should never make.

Clicking on Unknown Links

To think that you cannot be hacked on the dark web is far from reality and one of the common dark web mistakes you can think of. The dark web is just like the surface web made up of people with good intent and bad intent. The same way you can find clean links leading to clean websites on the dark web, you can also find malicious links leading to malicious platforms.

Common Dark Web Mistakes

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There are many malicious links that are capable of creating backdoors on your computer system giving hackers a chance to access your sensitive information remotely. To be safe on the dark web, do not click on any unknown link, or links that lead you to where you are not familiar. It is safer to keep anti-virus active on your computer to stand a chance against any possible virus. Also, many dark web users click on links without proper scrutiny on the kind of services or product the websites offer. This can land you in trouble.

Make critical scrutiny on the links you are presented with, have a rough idea of where it leads to, and be sure whether you really want to visit before clicking on it. It is important to know that most of the stuff on the dark web is not filtered, and it is safe to only click on links you are sure about.

Making Payments on untrusted platforms on Dark Web

Many dark web users make payments using their credit card information on any platform they find on the dark web which is one of the many common dark web mistakes. Entering your credit card information on the dark web is a very big risk, and it’s a bigger risk when you don’t even know who is watching you. It was even reported that hackers have devised a fake Tor browser to deceive dark web users to steal their payment information. This article does not suggest that dark web users do not make a payment on the dark web. It merely advises that only make a payment on platforms you can trust.

Anything is possible on the dark web. To make a transaction on the dark web, it is strongly advised to make use of Bitcoin. You can purchase Bitcoin on any of the exchange platforms and transfer it to the dark web in order to fully protect your identity.

Making Friends with everyone and Accessing all contents

Making friends with everyone and accessing all kinds of content is one of the dangerous common dark web mistakes dark web users make. The dark web is full of good people and bad people. Meeting the wrong people can definitely put you into trouble, considering the fact that it’s even difficult to know their identity.

Common dark web mistakes

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It is worth noting that there are a lot of undercover agents on the dark web keeping an eye on the lawbreakers. They mostly come as buyers and later uncover your identity. Making friends with strangers on the dark web specifically, those who engage in unlawful services can do a lot of harm to you than good. Also, the dark web contains all kinds of contents. There is a higher chance of finding something you may not want to see.

Accessing all kinds of contents including unlawful live videos may put you in the same sack as the abusers. This is one of the many common dark web mistakes people make. Be selective in the websites you visit, and above all, know that engaging in any criminal act subjects you to the punishment of the law just as any lawbreaker on the surface web.

The dark web has a lot of interesting websites to visit including platforms that encourage intellectual discussions and book reading services. People access news and legal contents not accessible in their region. There are many things to do on the dark web within the framework of the law.

The browsing experience with the perception that you are completely safe makes it very easy to be guilty of these common dark web mistakes. Understand that protecting your device from viruses and protecting your credit card from being accessed by criminals are the most important things to have in your mind when surfing the anonymous part of the internet.

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